Dive RAID: The Alternative to PADI and SSI

DIversity Diving in Playa Del Carmen
Dive RAID in Playa Del Carmen

Two years ago, PADI Worldwide was bought by Lincolnshire Management. Earlier this year, Scuba Schools International (SSI) was bought out by Mares scuba equipment. The end results have been corporate personnel running dive training when they are not divers and the bottom line is profit instead of diver education and safety. There is now a new kid on the block and they are revolutionizing the dive industry throughout the world.

Reducing Our Carbon Finprint

Consider a dive organization that uses little or no paper; no books, no forms, and no logbooks.   As a dive center owner, I have over fifty unused and outdated manuals in my shop that are collecting dust. The RAID online training program gives students access to their textbooks almost immediately and in the language of their choice on their own computers, tablets or phones. If a manual becomes outdated due to new research or a better idea, the textbooks are updated automatically and the student gets the latest updates as soon as they log in.

RAID Scuba Diving Schools

Top educators and trainers in PADI and SSI have left their previous positions and crossed over to RAID, bringing with them decades of experience. These instructors have re-thought the entire diver education process making it more challenging but focusing on the basics of scuba diving that all students should learn from the start. Buoyancy, trim, and propulsion are the key tasks that all students need to learn and the Open Water 20 course is the place to start. Online theory with access to the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen, a modified and improved pool session, and a minimum of four hours in open water produces a new diver that is much more comfortable and competent in the water; a higher standard than what is normally seen.

RAID Scuba Diving In Playa Del Carmen

For many years we have been associated with PADI as a 5 star dive center, but perhaps it’s time to rethink the direction that the biggest organizations are heading. As the sole RAID Scuba Diving Instructor Training Center in North America we believe that divers are the heart of the business and protecting our environment through education is the cornerstone of the industry. Website updates to follow in the coming days.

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