Bull Shark Diving in Playa Del Carmen

Bull Shark Dives
Bull Shark Dives
Diving In Playa Del Carmen

Mid-November is the true beginning of Bull Shark season in Playa Del Carmen and yesterday’s dive was nothing but spectacular. Diving in Playa Del Carmen offers something for everyone to include scuba for beginners through advanced divers. As we made our way to Shark Point, the anticipation of the dive could be seen on the faces of the divers. Descending to 27 meters into the dark blue unknown, we broke the surface and could see the magnificent sharks circling below.

For the past several weeks, we have seen a few Bull Sharks in the area but most were solo and remained at a distance just on the edge of visibility not wanting to approach the divers. Several of our clients went away without seeing these magnificent animals and plan to return later this year. Yesterday’s dive put all of the searching behind us as we observed four sharks circling below us as we descended into the depths. An amazing site as we know they are curious about divers entering their territory and curious by nature to see what we are doing.

Diversity Diving Bullshark
Bull Sharks in Playa Del Carmen

As we reach the sandy bottom, we pause to take in the view. Within a few minutes, we have three massive Bull Sharks approaching us at a casual pace. Watching their body language, we observe that their posture is not threating as they swim past the divers at a distance of three meters. Divers with cameras begin to take their photos to show their friends and family the close encounter with these perfect and amazing animals. We teach our divers to respect nature and the animals under the water as well as educate the public on how we can protect our reefs and the marine environment as a whole. Our intent is for our divers to gain a renewed perspective on how we can make a difference by protecting what we have, before it’s too late.

After 35 minutes at the bottom of the ocean, we begin our ascent keeping a watchful eye on the sharks below us. They remain at the bottom, slowly skimming across the sand without any signs of aggressive behavior. As we exit the water and stop to breath, the conversation quickly turns to the incredible adventure that we just had, diving with the Bull Sharks in Playa Del Carmen. Diversity Diving is a highly rated RAID IT Center and PADI Dive resort and the safety of our guests is our highest priority. Contact us today for your upcoming holiday plans and check us out on Facebook for regular updates on what we have going on.

Diving in Playa Del Playa Del Carmen: Cozumel Direct Charters

As we prepare for the holiday season, we often get divers that want to stay in Playa Del Carmen yet want to dive on the legendary and protected reefs of Cozumel. We are proud to access to the only direct charter boat that leaves daily from the beach of Playa Del Carmen and takes divers directly to Cozumel for some fantastic dives.

Best Scuba Boat in Playa Del Carmen
An Amazing Day in Playa Del Carmen

Scuba Diving Cozumel:

As our name states, Diversity Diving in Playa Del Carmen offers something for divers of all skill and experience levels. Whether it is the easy reefs of Playa Del Carmen, the walls of Cozumel, of the one-of-a-kind Cenotes of the Riviera Maya, We can handle it all. Using only RAID and PADI diving instructors, our staff has a phenomenal level of experience and knowledge in regards to safety and personal service. The Cozumel Charter leaves every morning from our mooring point at Coco Beach with an expected departure time of 8:45 am. At 11 meters in length, she is one of the biggest boats in the area and comfortably seats 10 divers and 2 instructors. We maintain a ratio of no more than 5 divers per instructor and will lower that ratio for divers with less experience that need some extra assistance.

The boat ride to Cozumel will last about 45 minutes and often less with flat ocean conditions. The boat takes the divers directly to the famed dive sites such as the Santa Rosa wall and San Francisco without the divers having to take a taxi to the ferry, take the ferry to Cozumel and a taxi to another dive center; while carrying dive gear along the way. A Direct charter with direct access to Cozumel and without the hassle is a great way to spend your holiday.

The first dive will usually last about 45-60 minutes with a light snack and drinks during the surface interval. After the completion of your second dive, the charter brings you back to Playa where you will be picked up by our vehicle and returned to the dive center. We often sit on the patio after the days dive for a few drinks and take the time to discuss the amazing sea life that we observed while in Cozumel. Nurse sharks, Parrot Fish, Stingrays, Mantas, Surgeons, and Barracuda are just a few of the things that you can see on these amazing dives.

Diving in Playa Del Carmen:

Cozumel has some amazing dive sites, but it is a diving island without much for non-divers. Staying in Playa Del Carmen offers the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of the Mayan people with a trip to Tulum, Coba, or Chichen Itza. Playa also has an amazing night life with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants along the famed 5th Avenue. If you are looking for some amazing diving, the caves and caverns of the Cenotes cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Some of the most magnificent diving in the world, these million year old caverns are an amazing dive. Look at Diversity Diving in Playa Del Carmen for your upcoming holiday trip.

Dive RAID: The Alternative to PADI and SSI

DIversity Diving in Playa Del Carmen
Dive RAID in Playa Del Carmen

Two years ago, PADI Worldwide was bought by Lincolnshire Management. Earlier this year, Scuba Schools International (SSI) was bought out by Mares scuba equipment. The end results have been corporate personnel running dive training when they are not divers and the bottom line is profit instead of diver education and safety. There is now a new kid on the block and they are revolutionizing the dive industry throughout the world.

Reducing Our Carbon Finprint

Consider a dive organization that uses little or no paper; no books, no forms, and no logbooks.   As a dive center owner, I have over fifty unused and outdated manuals in my shop that are collecting dust. The RAID online training program gives students access to their textbooks almost immediately and in the language of their choice on their own computers, tablets or phones. If a manual becomes outdated due to new research or a better idea, the textbooks are updated automatically and the student gets the latest updates as soon as they log in.

RAID Scuba Diving Schools

Top educators and trainers in PADI and SSI have left their previous positions and crossed over to RAID, bringing with them decades of experience. These instructors have re-thought the entire diver education process making it more challenging but focusing on the basics of scuba diving that all students should learn from the start. Buoyancy, trim, and propulsion are the key tasks that all students need to learn and the Open Water 20 course is the place to start. Online theory with access to the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen, a modified and improved pool session, and a minimum of four hours in open water produces a new diver that is much more comfortable and competent in the water; a higher standard than what is normally seen.

RAID Scuba Diving In Playa Del Carmen

For many years we have been associated with PADI as a 5 star dive center, but perhaps it’s time to rethink the direction that the biggest organizations are heading. As the sole RAID Scuba Diving Instructor Training Center in North America we believe that divers are the heart of the business and protecting our environment through education is the cornerstone of the industry. Website updates to follow in the coming days.

Diving in Playa Del Carmen: Discover Scuba Diving

The Best Scuba Boat in Playa Del Carmen
Discover Scuba Diving with Diversity Diving

Scuba in Playa Del Carmen offers something for all divers of all skill levels, even uncertified divers. The Discover Scuba Diving program offers a small taste of what diving is all about and often leads to a new perspective on the ocean environments and our role as the ocean’s protectors. Scuba is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and is a great holiday activity while on your next vacation to Playa Del Carmen.

Let’s Get Started:

The day usually starts at 9:00 with a short class on the basics of scuba to include equipment, physiology, and pressures. All of these things affect the diver and a basic understanding is needed to dive safely. In a relaxed atmosphere with the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen, the short presentation and basic test, prepares the new diver for the pool session.

Scuba for Beginners: The Pool Skills

Upon completion of the theory session, we take all of our students to the pool to practice some basic skills. Safety is our highest priority, and knowing how to clear a mask, recover a regulator, and share air with your buddy, is essential for safe diving. Some dive centers will only give new students 10-15 minutes in the pool, but we feel that this is not enough time to be comfortable. Take as much time as you need and we will happily adjust our schedules for our students.

Scuba Diving for Beginners
The Amazing Waters of Playa Del Carmen

The Big Blue Ocean

After the completion of your theory and pool session, we head to the boat for some amazing dives on the reefs of Playa Del Carmen. Scuba diving for beginners doesn’t have to be stressful as our award winning instructors bring thousands of dives and years of experience with them. The oceans of Playa Del Carmen offer a wide range of sea life to include Angels, Jacks, Grouper, Stingrays, and Turtles and we attempt to educate all of our guests and how we can help to preserve our ocean environment. Divers are guests in the underwater world and it our job to help save our diminishing reefs. Enjoy the perfect weather and the visibility that exceeds one hundred feet. Try scuba diving with Diversity Diving while on your next holiday.

Extending Our Dive Times: Enriched Air Nitrox

Nitrox Diving
Nitrox Diving
Diving Nitrox with Diversity Diving

Just north of Playa Del Carmen in the sleepy little fishing town of Puerto Morales is a wonderful wreck dive surrounded by a government protected reef. The C-56 “Juanita” is a former U.S. military minesweeper that was given to the Mexican government; after 20 years of service with the Mexican military is was purposely sunk to provide an artificial reef. The Juanita sits in about 26 meters of water and provides for some amazing photo opportunities as the Spotted Eagle Rays, Stingrays, Grouper, and Barracuda are always hunting nearby. I took several of our guests to this wreck a few days ago and the view was amazing. I pulled into that perfect neutral buoyancy hover and watched the barracuda hunt the huge schools of bait fish: a well-orchestrated movement of thousands of small fish swimming in unison to avoid becoming someone’s dinner.

Extending Our Bottom Time:

Most divers have heard of Enriched Air Nitrox but are you familiar with the extended bottom time benefits of increasing the Oxygen percentage and decreasing the nitrogen that enters our bodies? The Juanita dive is not overly difficult in regards to visibility and current, but missing the show because of decompression times is something that all divers constantly have to monitor. Using the PADI recreational dive planner charts, a 26 meter dive on normal compressed air is about 20 minutes. By increasing the oxygen content from 21% to 32% you have now increased your bottom time to 40 minutes. Taking it a step further, Nitrox 36 gives a maximum of 50 minutes of bottom time, simply by increase the oxygen content and decreasing the nitrogen in your scuba cylinder.

Nitrox diving in Playa Del Carmen
Adding Decreases Nitrogen

Maximum Operating Depth:

We now know the basic advantage of diving with Nitrox, but it also has its disadvantages. Oxygen at depth and under pressure is toxic and this also applies to Enriched Air. We mitigate these risks by knowing what is the maximum depth that we can use for particular blend and diving that plan. We always plan our dives and dive our plans and the use of Nitrox is no different. With a PPO of 1.4, my maximum depth for Nitrox 32 is 33.5 meters and with Nitrox 36, my MOD is 28.9 meters. Know your dive sites, get a thorough briefing, and pick the blend that works best for your day of diving.

Continuing Your Education:

The PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course is relatively simple and can be done in about four hours.  Some theory, knowledge reviews, and learning the tables and charts are all that is required to pass the final exam.  When learning from the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen, the atmosphere is relaxed, usually at the local coffee shop or in our classroom.  Continue your education while on your next holiday and Diversity Diving is place to be.

Bull Shark Diving in Playa Del Carmen: An Incredible Experience

Diversity Diving Bull Shark Tours in Playa Del Carmen


Ever year from October through February, the fun begins in Playa Del Carmen. Scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen is magnificent throughout the year but when our special guests arrive, the excitement and adrenaline reach new heights. Last year was magnificent and we expect this year to be even better. Over nine feet long and weighing up to five hundred pounds, these fantastic and perfect animals can certainly add a checkmark to any divers best dives log book.

The Dive:

As the boat drops us into the dark blue waters just off the shore, we descend to a depth of seventy five feet, the sweet spot for the Bull Sharks. Not difficult to find because of their territorial nature, the sharks come to us. Curious about who has entered their space, they arrive in pairs swimming directly towards the divers to turn only at the last moment. No cages, no armored suits, just divers and the Bull Sharks with nothing in between. Nearly always in pairs, two come towards the divers while the others circle on the edge of your view. When two leave, two more approach coming from all directions; the thrill of being surrounded is like nothing that you have ever experienced before. Even the most experienced divers come away with the feeling of a natural high. These animals are graceful, flawless, and perfect after millions of years of evolution.

Our Commitment:

Diversity Diving in Playa Del Carmen strives to educate our guests every day. The ocean environment and the animals contained in it are precious and need our help. In October we welcome the Bull Sharks who have returned for mating season prior to heading off to the deep ocean to give birth. There are still many mysteries surround the habits and patterns of these incredible animals and we would love to educate as many people as possible about them. Bull Shark Diving in Playa Del Carmen is an incredible experience and Diversity Diving would like to do our part to help. During this year’s season, we will donate $5.00 for every diver that dives with us. Project AWAREs Finathon is a project that we believe can make a difference against the needless killing and culling of sharks. Contact us today for your upcoming holiday dive plans and visit project AWARE to see how you can do your part to save the oceans.

Scuba for Beginners in Playa Del Carmen: The Advanced Open Water Course

Best Scuba Instructor In Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen scuba diving offers something for divers of all skill levels with all levels of experience. Whether it has been years since your Open Water course of only a few days, the Advanced Open Water course is a great way to improve your skills under the supervision of an instructor. Over a period of three days and 5 dives, you can achieve the next level of certification and increase your maximum diving depth.

The Curriculum:

The AOW Course offers a taste of various specialties contained within the program. There are two mandatory dives that all students must make and these include the deep dive and the underwater navigation. The deep dive theory teaches about the added pressures at depth as well as the real possibility of narcosis and what are the signs and symptoms. A good instructor will play a few games with her students so they can readily see the effects of depth on behavior. One of the most common is doing a simple math problem on the surface follow by completing the same problem at 30 meters or 90 feet. On average, the student is about 10 seconds slower at depth showing that thinking and reaction times slow the deeper a diver descends. We also look at what pressures do to a fresh egg at depth as well as observing a color chart and realizing how various color wave lengths get absorbed as you go deeper.

Navigation is another mandatory and essential skill while under water. We will expand on the previous knowledge gained during the Open Water course and continue to use the compass for more complex navigation. Instructors and guides use navigation almost daily to locate and verify their positions during a dive to insure the best experience possible for their guests. Underwater Navigation is truly an essential skill that every diver should be familiar with.

The Best Dive Boat in Playa Del Carmen
Ready to dive with Diversity Diving

Recommended Dives:

Peak Performance Buoyancy is another skill that always needs improvement and can be lost over time. Fine tuning your positioning, buoyancy, trim, and propulsion are the keys to having a fun safe dive. When a diver has that perfect buoyancy, his fins don’t stir up sand and silt on the bottom, breathing becomes easier and less labored, and bottom times are increased. Proper weighting is mandatory to achieve this and the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen certainly has the knowledge and experience to make this possible.

There are several other specialties that divers can choose based on what interests them the most; Wreck, night, drift, boat, and underwater photography and just a few of the choices available for the AOW Course.

Check with your dive center to see what specials they currently offer. Some will offer the course for free if you book a 3 day dive package on the local reefs and this is an easy way to get your next dive rating while still having plenty of time to explore the underwater world on the beautiful reefs of Playa Del Carmen.